Be the hand that loves and the word that guides/Budi ruka koja voli i reč koja sokoli

The objectives of the national public campaign for Nonviolent Child Discipline were to raise awareness and increase understanding of the general population, parents, and professionals about the harmfulness of violent disciplining of children and to provide alternative positive parenting options.

By enhancing knowledge about the long-term benefits of nonviolent disciplining influencing changes in behaviours and attitudes, the campaign also aimed at increasing the demand of parents and caregivers for quality parenting programs for all children.

The campaign was divided in two phases, “Teaser” (only implemented on social media) and “Reveal” communicated through traditional media outlets, out of home media (billboards and busses) and digital media.

The campaign materials included:
– 4 videos for social media + 1 integral TVC video with famous personalities
– Photos, visuals and social media posts
– Posters for buses in 3 different formats
– Visual solutions for bilboards in 3 different formats
– Produced 7 print and digital brochures outlining key messages of the campaign in English and Serbian

Client / UNICEF Serbia

Project / National non-violent discipling campaign

Date / September – October 2022