Lilly Drogerie Christmas campaign 2021 & 2022

The brief provided to the agency was to create a campaign for Lilly Drogerie’s Christmas catalogue that would not only generate a sense of giving and holiday spirit but also encourage holiday gift purchases.

The campaign also needed to communicate that the catalogues would be recycled at the end of the promotional period, and customers would receive a 15% discount for their next purchase.  

The agency proposed to create a comprehensive campaign that would engage audiences across multiple channels and effectively communicate the brand’s message.

To achieve this, the agency proposed a complete integrated campaign that included:

  1. Campaign key visual
  2. Digital teaser
  3. Reveal campaign for social media and Google platforms
  4. TV and radio advertisement

By compelling visuals and creative messaging, the agency aimed to evoke a sense of warmth, generosity, and holiday cheer that would resonate with customers and motivate them to participate in the campaign.

Due to the campaign’s success, the agency was given the task of creating another campaign for the Christmas catalogue the following year. Building on the success of the first campaign, the agency developed an even more effective and engaging campaign that generated even better results for the brand. The success of both campaigns highlights the agency’s ability to develop comprehensive and impactful integrated campaigns that effectively communicate brand messages and resonate with audiences.

Client / Lilly Drogerie

Date / December 2021/2022

Production / Spark Integrated