Da Napoli a Belgrado: Il Nero e Il Bianco party

Since 2013 the Di Meo Vini ad Arte association has formed an artistic partnership with the Florentine photographer Massimo Listri recognized internationally as a master of photography in Art, Architecture and Interior.

The presentation of the Calendar always coincides with an exclusive party that take place in extraordinary locations (museums, noble palaces, embassies), every year in a different city worldwide.

Di Meo Calendar 2020, “Naples Belgrade: Black and White”, was presented in November at the Serbian Palace in Belgrade.

The event was organized for exclusive invitees. Before the Gala Dinner started, guests had the opportunity to watch the performance of the national ensemble ‚‚KOLO“.

For the rest of the evening, guests were entertained by Italian guest singer Marco Fasano, Euterpa club band and Girl Panic DJ crew of 4 pretty lady DJs lead by DJ Sonja Pavlica.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/LtEQD5C-Jas

Media/PRESS event

Client / The Di Meo

Location / Palace of Serbia, Belgrade

Date / November 9, 2019

Number of guests / about 600 (VIP Italian guests, local government representatives and celebrities)