The Belgrade Book


Project: Unsolicited project initiated and created by Dina Johnsen, the author/photographer of the book. The task: Full organization of all shooting days during the production process, including overall logistic and administrative support. AUTHOR’S WORD ABOUT THE BOOK: Discovering Belgrade I came to Belgrade in April 2009 to stay there for about four years. It took me some time to understand the city. Belgrade is not as “apparent” as London, Paris or New York. You have to find the key to it in order to discover its beauty. Back then, when I had just arrived, I wished I had a book that could guide me, to explain who is who and help me to start enjoying this city the proper way. There was no such book, so I decided to create it. I was lucky to meet the right partners such as Nevena Joksimovic Vasojevic and her colleagues. We built up the team and started working. And so, in November 2012, The Belgrade Book was born. Thanks to the project I was meeting talented, warm and most inspired people. My Belgrade is perfect. My Belgrade will always be with me.
Client / Dina Johnsen Date / March-November, 2012